h First Aid Training

Youth MHFA

Hi, My name is Terrie Riley and I am passionate in promoting and orgonising Mental Health awareness thoughout England.

There is widespread ignorance of mental ill health in the general population and there is the associated stigma too. For some the stigma can lead to delays in people seeking help and support. There is also a lack of confidence in what to do if someone is distressed or in a crisis situation. Mental Health First Aid  is a response to this with the aim of improving mental health literacy throughout communities, with the belief that mental health crises, such as suicidal and self harming actions, can sometimes be avoided with early intervention.

Businesses in England loose Thousands of pounds each year due to sickness leave of their staff suffering Mental Health conditions. Knowing how to spot the early warning signs of mental distress can address this thus saving companies money. I have a team of consultants who will come to your place of work and discuss ways of making your work place more mentally aware.

Should you or your company require more information regarding the services I offer please get in touch via e-mail at:  [email protected] or Telephone me on: 07943 211 210

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